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Simple Organic GuideWhat is Simple Organic Guide?

Simple Organic Guide is a safe place to gain information about your food and consumer products. A place to gain knowledge about food labels and packaging lingo. Simple Organic Guide helps you live a clean, natural and organic lifestyle. Plus, there are no politics or bashing.

It’s not your fault you’re confused about your food labels and consumer information.

In today’s buying world you’re bombarded with information every time you turn around. You’re given conflicting information from the media, internet, and government. Marketing departments aim to sell not educate the consumer. The main goal of advertising and packaging is to smooth over the consumer’s fears. This doesn’t mean the company is always being completely transparent or honest.

At Simple Organic Guide, we arm you with information based upon facts. Then throw in a common-sense approach to living as natural as possible. Then you can make the right choices for you.

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And most important Enjoy, Learn, and take Actions that move you forward in your organic lifestyle.

About Jan Davis – your host for Simple Organic Guide:

relaxing by the woodpileSince 2005 I’ve lived in an organic manner on our homestead.

Before moving to the homestead, I lived in an array of places including cities and suburbs. Finding the balance of where you live and how you want to live can be challenging. I’ve always believed you don’t need a piece of land to have peace of mind. You just need the knowledge to make your own decisions in the crazy world of food and consumer goods.

Over the years I’ve learned how to add more whole foods to our diet. I understand the difficulties of finding food we want in the stores.

I’ve learned how to grow fresh fruits, vegetables, eggs, and meat in a natural manner. A natural manner to me means allowing the animal or food to grow as nature intended. This means no synthetic pesticides anywhere on the homestead. We do not grain rumen animals such as beef and sheep. They eat grass and hay throughout the year. Animals such chickens and pig who need some grain are only fed organic feeds.

Animals are allowed to live as they were intended, on pasture in the sun, snow, and rain. Of course, they are also allowed in the barn if they choose.

I understand how difficult and time consuming it takes to create your own natural food. This means it’s important to buy food with confidence, regardless, if you’re buying from a store or farmer.

About Us tapping tree for maple

No, our homestead is not certified organic. We align our homestead with organic or beyond organic practices. I understand what it takes to become certified organic. I cringe at information that the consumer receives from different organizations.

Every day I hear inaccurate information regarding our food sources and household products. If it sounds odd, I investigate before giving out information.

as possible”. When I can’t find organically grown products I run into the same issues everyone else does. I have to decide what I’ll buy or won’t.

Yes, I choose to eat and live “as organically as possible” for many reasons. Keywords “as organically

I am all about choices. But in order to make those choices, every consumer needs to the correct information.

What makes Simple Organic Guide different than everyplace else?

We created Simple Organic Guide for you. For you to get your questions answered about food labels and consumer goods. A place without politics, bashing or judging. You’re an adult and need to have adult conversations about your consumer needs.

Lifestyle isn’t a one size fits all and you aren’t expected to live as you think everyone wants you to. You decide what’s best for your table, cleaning supplies, and environment. And only you can determine what you’re willing to spend your hard earned dollars on.

But how can you make a decision for yourself if you don’t have all the information? You can’t.

At Simple Organic Guide, we give you all the information. The good, the bad, and the ugly so you can make a decision, for you.

What is Simple Organic Guide’s philosophy?

Simple – transparency, transparency, transparency.

When you walk into the store you want to know where your food started, how it was created or raised, and where it came from. It’s your decision as a consumer if you want organic food, or if you’re okay with a product that has used synthetic pesticides.

Simple Organic Guide thrives to be as transparent and honest as possible.

What will you get from Simple Organic Guide?

At least once a week you’ll have access to new articles that can help you gain control over your organic lifestyle right now.  We’ll include information about organic food, non-GMO, GMO and much much more.

Starting in April 2018 we will post an informative article for you every Tuesday. Each article includes information, tips, and solutions to living in an organic manner. We’ll link label and ingredient information to each article as needed.  Sometimes this means there will be extra articles during the week regarding labels and ingredients.

Every Thursday we will do a Podcast answering one of your organic or natural living questions.  Each podcast lasts 15 minutes or less and gives you information you can use immediately. You can email us any questions from our contact page here. We love hearing from our listeners.

What you won’t get from Simple Organic Guide.

You won’t get politics, nor judging. There is no right or wrong way to living organically – but you’re way.

Yes, if we get information about a new law that affects food labels and your food source, we will pass it onto you. we will also include the official link so you may read the law for yourself.

If you want politics, turn on the news, search on the internet and get involved as you see fit. But you won’t see politics and bashing on Simple Organic Guide.

I have one wish…

I wish all manufacturers, packagers, farmers, producers, and sellers would be honest. They need to do what they say and say what they do. If they used GMO and pesticides – let me know. Make a big sign – GMO ingredients grown with synthetic pesticides. If they grow in an organic manner let me know that too. A sign that says never GMO and no pesticides – works for me.

And quit putting non-GMO stickers on everything. It only tells half the story. Yes, non-GMO is a push in the right direction for consumer information. But honestly, it is incomplete information about your food.

I know I’m asking a lot when it comes to my consumables – but doesn’t it make sense for every consumable to be labeled as it is? Okay – maybe it’s just me – but I don’t think so.

Until I get my wish I am humbled to help answer anything I can which will make your consumer choices easier.

If I don’t know an answer, I will find out.

Please send your questions and comments through our contact page here.

You may find your question or comment in a podcast, or as an article on Simple Organic Guide. Thank you for being a valuable part of Simple Organic Guide. Please pass our information along to others so we can answer their questions too.

Your humble host
Jan Davis