Perfect Hardboiled Egg Hack – Easy to Peel

Perfect Hardboiled EggDo your hardboiled eggs make you want to scream?

Cracked shells, hard to peel, not cooked long enough and …

Let me give you a few secrets that will help you make easy to peel hard-boiled eggs. Plus less cracked shells and done just right – pretty much all of the time.

Freshness and color

Eggs you buy from the store aren’t super fresh, but this is okay when making hardboiled eggs. And if you get your eggs fresh from your yard or someone close you can still make your hardboiled eggs. If you use fresh eggs like day old eggs, leave them in the fridge for about 5 or 6 days or longer. In an older but good egg, the white membrane of the egg has shrunk just a bit. This shrinkage allows for air to enter into the shell and the membrane sticks to the shell easier. But don’t worry the hack I am going to tell you about – I’ve used on 2-day old eggs and it works.

Color color color. The color of the egg means nothing, except what type of bird laid the egg. Eggs can be white, light to dark brown, blue, pinkish and green. Yes, blue pinkish and green plus a cross of these depending on the genetics of the bird.

Cracked eggshells

I don’t mind 1 or 2 cracked eggshells when I make hard boiled eggs, because then I have to eat them. But it is really a pain when you don’t want to eat any eggs, there too many cracked shells, or you need all the hardboiled eggs for a recipe.

Eggs crack for two reasons that I can think of. 1) When you set the egg into the water you accidentally drop the egg too hard and when the egg heats up it splits. 2) Eggs have a small air bubble in the bigger round end. When the egg heats up this air bubble pushes and cracks the egg.

The first issue can happen for many reasons. Maybe the water is boiling and you are trying to drop a raw egg into the water and you don’t want to get burnt. Or the egg slides off your spoon too quickly. Or you drop it instead of setting it in the pot.

The second issue happens more often when you set cold raw eggs into boiling water.

The Perfect Easy to Peel Hardboiled Egg Hack

Needed Materials:

  • POT large enough to boil the number of eggs you want with 2 to 3 inches of water over them.
  • Eggs – Place them on the counter to bring them as close to room temperature as possible. I usually take the eggs out a little bit before I make them, but not always.
  • Baking Soda – I only use non-aluminum baking soda. You will need about 1/4 to a 1/2 teaspoon
  • Salt – 1 teaspoon salt – We don’t use regular table salt and it still helps a fuller quicker boil.
  • Cold water or water with ice cubes.


  • Fill the pot with enough water so it will cover the eggs at least an inch. Make sure you use a large enough pot that the water doesn’t boil over.
  • Add the desired number of eggs to the water.
  • Add baking soda
  • Add salt
  • Bring water to a full boil
  • Keep the water at a rapid boil for 12 minutes. Turn the heat down a bit to keep the water from boiling out.
  • Dump boiling water.
  • Add cold water or water with ice cubes to the pot. You will need to add more ice as it melts until the water stays cold. Your goal is to cool the eggs as quickly as possible. Our water is fairly cold. I usually run our cold water on the eggs until the water no longer heats up, then I dump the water and add more cold water.
  • Let your eggs sit in the cold water until they are no longer warm to the touch.
  • Slightly crack and peel the egg.
  • AND EAT or use in your favorite recipe.

If you like your egg slightly warm you can peel them before the egg is completely cool.
Store eggs for later use

And don’t forget to label your eggs as hard-boiled. It’s always a little messy when you mistake a raw egg for a hardboiled egg.

There is you have it – a hack for making easy to peel hard-boiled eggs.

Leave a comment below on what you did with your hardboiled eggs or how it worked for you.


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