Simplifying – Downsizing – Slowing Down – Episode 12

Episode 12 – Simplifying – Downsizing – Slowing Down

We dumped the microwave!

Hello, hello and welcome to the Simple Organic Guide Show where we talk about everything and anything in the natural and organic living space. I’m your host, Jan Davis, coming to you from the Southern Tier of Western New York.

Today is August 2nd, 2018, episode 12.
We’re going to talk about downsizing and slowing down. In my pursuit of a natural lifestyle, one of the things that we’ve been doing is downsizing and not having so much stuff. And we decided to get rid of the microwave. Interesting right and you might be thinking. Oh, I could never do that, but you don’t have to get rid of the microwave specifically, but maybe just maybe there is something in your household that you look at and think, hmmm, this is just wasting space. I might as well just get rid of it.

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You might be thinking what? Get rid of the microwave. No Way. This really isn’t about the microwave. This is about looking around you and in your environment of all the extra stuff. Our choice for living an organic and a natural lifestyle has gone into the next part for us of downsizing and simplifying. Look around where you live, look in your environment and what are all the things – you know, that stuff that you buy because you have to have and look how much of it do you actually use every day. How much of it is necessary and how much of it is just collecting dust.

Once you’ve done that, you can decide if you want to get rid of things before they decide to get rid of you.

Quickly think what’s the one appliance in your kitchen your most addicted to? In full disclosure, in our house, it’s the coffee pot because if there is no coffee, there is no happy hubby and we need to have a happy Hubby. But beyond that, because the coffee maker is a necessity through and through. In our house, hands down, besides the coffee maker is the microwave because everybody in the house uses it.

Worse we didn’t realize how much we use the microwave until it fizzled and crashed one day. My first reaction was how much do they cost new and where can I get one? I didn’t want a second-hand one because it’s a microwave and they usually get pretty used up. After I thought about it for a little bit. My second reaction was, hmm, do we really need one?

Running to the store wasn’t an option and ordering one online would take shipping time. And I thought again, is this worth getting another microwave? Once we got over the shock of no microwave, we began tasting the difference in not using it. My teas tasted so much better with boiling water from a pot or a tea kettle. It was never bitter from overheating. It was always the right temperature, my fresh herbs that I also use we’re always tender and it was just a better flavor.

Leftovers, how many times do you take your leftovers and stick them in the microwave and nuke it? The inside is hot, the outside is cold or the outside is shriveled up. Like the vegetables, you know they get all dried out. By reheating our leftovers in our cast iron pans or in the oven. We started having new flavors and better flavors than we had from reheating in the microwave. Now, are you ready to scrap your microwave before it scraps you or any other thing that’s in your house? Think of these things first before you answer this question, write down what you use, whatever it is. For us, it was the microwave for every day. In a typical day, we used it to reheat food and make tea. That was it. Now that you know the usage of your appliance or your product, write down how you plan to replace the microwave.

How we replaced the microwave was through discovery. We started reheating our food on the stove, grill, in the toaster oven, and in the regular oven. We discovered leftover breakfast foods such as pancakes and French toast fit nicely into our two slice toaster, put it on low heat. It warms it up, pop. It’s done and it is crispy. It’s not gooey like the microwave would do. We also discovered that we could put a casserole back into the oven. Sometimes we even took our leftovers and mixed them together like all the potatoes and sprinkled cheese on it for another meal. And we started seeing new flavors. Anything originally cooked on the grill was reheated on the grill. We simply through the food back on the grill and reheated it or we wrapped it up in foil and added liquid and other vegetables to it.

Instead of heating water for tea in the microwave, I started using a saucepan and I did get a glass teapot because it wasn’t bitter. I started mixing different flavors. I never thought I would mix before because I thought that flavor’s going to taste funny. When in reality it was the heat of the water that was making some of it tastes funny. In the pot as soon as the water came to a boil, I could see, oh, it’s hot enough. Or if I wanted to make the water not quite so hot, I didn’t have to let it boil. So there was a lot of surprises for us with not using the microwave. The biggest surprised, originally thought it was going to be a big hassle and not to have the microwave. Yes, you have to plan a little more time for reheating when you’re not using the microwave. It’s not a pop it in hit 30 walk away.

Yes. You have to pay attention to your food. When it reheats we have discovered that our food tastes better. I think I’ve said that and it tastes much better than it ever did being reheated in the microwave. Also, we’re not using as much plastic. In fact, we’re getting rid of a lot of our plastic. As long as we add a tiny bit of extra liquid. While we’re reheating, the food wasn’t rubbery, it wasn’t dried out and it wasn’t cold and the spots are food reheated evenly. The extra minute or two made us slow down. I know that sounds funny, but when you realize you have to slow down, you do. The morning isn’t quite such the rush and craziness. It is actually really nice with relaxing, making your food, making the coffee, making your tea, sitting down and eating. It’s a nice thing. Plus you know how a microwave gets really, really messy when things pop up all over the inside.  Didn’t have to have that anymore and oh yeah, I have extra counter space for cooking.

If you decide to get rid of a built-in microwave, you’ve gained more cupboard space to where you can put shelves in there or you could close them up as cupboards. Just a thought.

It’s been almost two months since our microwave blew up on us and it exited our lives. We have not gotten a new one and we have no plans for getting a new one at all. But this gave us a very important lesson on doing without, without doing, without. As I said, we are trying to simplify and to downsize. Not having the microwave and not using the microwave made us start looking at what other things in our house weren’t really necessary and we didn’t miss them. And yes, I will give you some more update on that as we simplify our house in a future podcast. Until then, find something in your house that you don’t need and see if you can get rid of it.

Remember, if you want to downsize, you can and you can do it however you want.

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This is Jan Davis for the Simple Organic Guide Show where we talk about everything and anything in the organic and natural living space, including downsizing.

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