Podcast 9 – Staying true to your food philosophy

Podcast Episode 9 – It’s your food philosophy

– Stick to it!

Click here to UPC Code information for your produce. This tells you if the item is organic or not.

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Hello hello and welcome to the simple organic guide show where we talk about everything and anything in the natural and organic living space.

I’m your host Jan Davis coming to you from the southern tier of Western New York. Today is June 21st, 2018 – Episode 9 – Sticking to Your Food Philosophy for Your Organic and Natural Lifestyle.

Yeah, I have some pet peeves but don’t we all. Regardless of what someone says or if your produce is in the wrong place it is in your best interest to stick to your guns for your organic and natural lifestyle. Why? Because it’s your lifestyle, of course, there’s a story behind both of these statements which I
will tell you in just a minute.

I hope you’re finding fresh food and vegetables in this glorious time of the year.

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Now, as they say, is the rest of the story. If you don’t know by now my favorite places besides my own garden and backyard to get my food is
our local farmer’s markets. Not only can I pick from different markets across my area I can choose different days and I get to talk to some really interesting cool people. And I always learned something one way or another no matter where I am. This past week I was attending a new
farmers market in my town. I think it’s very important to support new markets that open. New markets are a bit of a vicious circle, vendors don’t want to show up if there aren’t people and people don’t come if there aren’t Vendors.  So I try to go to as many different farmers markets as I can in my area especially the new ones so that we have more and more options. This market was a nice little market but they was a bit too much of inaccurate information being put out by well one specific meat vendor. No I don’t like to say anything negative so I won’t. However, you’ve got to know that this is a huge pet peeve of mine by now. Give me the correct information or well just shut up and don’t try to convince me of something that’s not true. Okay so that wasn’t very polite but well it’s my peeve and it’s too bad.

As you know whenever I find a new vendor I ask questions, I am truly looking for producers who align with my food philosophy. I’m not here to argue with anyone or make a point. I just want information so I can make a decision. But I am human so please don’t push me – right.

Whenever I meet a new vendor I ask questions so I can choose if I want to buy or not. Simple – that’s it.  I always start with – in the meat area I start with the first question of do you feed your animals GMOs? How are they raised? Are they natural etc?  Well, this vendor told me that they raised theirs natural and their food was fresher than in the market even though it was more expensive because they had happy animals.  And I had to ask again are you organic? She says no we’re not organic. I’m like that’s ok it doesn’t have to be organic that I’m looking for but I want to know do you feed your animals GMO food and do you spray?  And her answer was well we just give them a little GMO grain and we spray just a little bit, but it won’t hurt you.

This is where I want to scream because I know she’s trying to market her food and I know she wants to have sales but well she’s lying. Not because I think I’m right and she’s wrong because a little bit doesn’t matter but when you’re talking about your food source and you’re talking about GMOs and you’re talking about pesticides. A little bit means there’s something in it. My food philosophy is I don’t want any of this in it at all. That is my choice and she says some other things about grass-fed beef and how it’s not real. Which is not true I’ve been raising grass-fed beef for the last eight years and it’s absolutely delicious. It has the same type of marbling, it doesn’t have the fat and the USDA has proven it has higher omegas. And yes that is on my agenda – to get an article out within the next week or so on grass-fed beef.

But the other issues is the GMO because when someone says to me – it only has a little GMO or a little bit of pesticides – I want to scream at them but I don’t. I want to say would you give your baby a little bit of chlorine bleach? No! Would you give your baby a little bit of Roundup? No!

So if your food philosophy is that you don’t want any of that in there – the answer is no. My heart wanted to cave into this woman and buy some of her meat because she was so nice. But you know
what – it’s not in my food philosophy.

Sometimes they do get into good discussions with these people and she was one of them. She asked me very specifically why didn’t I want GMOs in my food. I explained you can hi-bred something meaning you can take one animal another animal to let them reproduce naturally and you have a different animal. But when you go to the cellular level of anything into the cell and you change it – that is something that nature cannot do. And I don’t want that. When I told her that she just got really quiet and she said oh I understand.

And that’s fine. I’m not trying to convince her she wants a sale yes but as who I am and my food philosophy I need to stand behind my beliefs. You need a stand behind your beliefs because you need to do what is right for you. Can we change the world maybe, but probably not. Is her farm going to change the way they do something? No but maybe she will get more educated so that when she’s talking to people she doesn’t just blatantly say – well we’ve been doing this for the last hundred years on our farm we used to be dairy and now are meat and it’s not gonna hurt you.  Because that’s not true. Do we know what’s gonna hurt us or not? Do we have scientific proof? Well we don’t have any scientific proof that it’s not going to hurt us.

So that was my pet peeve from the farmers market but it was a beautiful farmers market and it was a beautiful day.

So my pet peeve number one of the week is giving out information that you don’t have the information about. I have no problem where you say yes my food or whatever it is was raised with GMOs we do spray and we spray just you know a little bit in the fall or whatever and give me the information. No problem with it. But when I say okay thank you that’s not what I’m looking for don’t argue with the fact that it’s what I want because I don’t.

My other pet peeve is the produce department when they put the wrong item in the wrong place but
it’s the right product. For instance, my husband went to the store to get bananas and he said organic right and I’m like of course. He knows – it right. He went down to the store he picked out some bananas out of the organic area he brought him home. And I looked at him I said they’re not organic. He said well they were in the organic area they had the little plastic thing around the top that the
organic bananas all have. And I had to show him on the little PLU code read it was 4011 and not 94011.

I looked at his receipt and yes he was charged for regular bananas. But what had happened is that the non-organic bananas were put into the organic area. And in our stores we have this little plastic they put at the top of it. I’m not thrilled about but they do it and they had done that to the non-organic bananas. So in you know to look for the PLU code you had no idea that you had bought the wrong item. I showed it to him and then he said you better do an article about that. And I said I already have one so at the bottom of the show notes there will be a link about PLU codes so you know what you’re looking for.

So when you are in the grocery store to make sure you get the right produce look at that
little code it’s a little sticker that’s on the item or it could be on the band or sometimes it’s just on the sign. Organic PLU code to start with a nine the rest start with a four. There is this hype that an 8 means something like non-gmo but that didn’t happen. Again go look at the article that I have linked at the bottom of the show notes.

Now you might be thinking I have another 3rd pet peeve and I probably do but right now I am just really happy that I’m able to buy organic food, see the sunshine and I know what produce I want to buy.

So the moral to the story today is… know your food philosophy,  do your research,  find out accurate information and then stick to what you think is important no matter what somebody’s trying to tell you. Even if it’s me. Hey, I may tell you something that’s inaccurate in your food philosophy. But o online look, research, read make your own decisions. And the other part is people are human and produce does get stuck in the wrong area. So when you’re buying a produce look at that little PLU code and make sure you’re buying the best that you want.

Well we all have our pet peeves don’t we – especially when we’re out in the world.

Remember it’s your life you need to live it as you choose and eat as you wish. Get yourself educated, learn what you need to do for your own food philosophy, and stick to it.

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This is Jan Davis for the Simple Organic Guide Show where we talk about everything in the organic and natural living environment.

Thank you so much for joining me.

It’s your life – live it like you want.

Have you want and have a great week.


Click here to UPC Code information for your produce. This tells you if the item is organic or not.

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