Podcast Episode 6 Eating “Clean” Junk Food AKA Have Your S’mores and Eat it Too

Show Transcripts for Episode 6: Eating “Clean Junk Food”

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Hello Hello and welcome to the Simple Organic Guide Show – where we talk about everything in the natural and organic living space.  

I’m your host Jan Davis coming to you from the Southern Tier of Western NY. Today is Episode 6 –  Eating “Clean” Junk Food AKA Have Your S’mores and Eat it Too

Thanks for hanging out with me It’s May 31st, 2018.  

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So is summer fun in full swing yet?  You know picnics, outdoors and s’mores. No, I didn’t say summer chores as in mowing the lawn but junk food time as in S’mores. You know sitting around the fire with friends and family, gently heating your marshmallow. Hoping it doesn’t catch on fire, making sure no one is trying to knock it off or burn it. You know there is a science behind making a S’more. You have to turn it ever so slowly, gaining the perfect doneness, without the marshmallow melting into the fire, catching on fire, and without burning it. Well unless you’re my husband who thinks S’mores and burnt marshmallows are synonyms. You can’t have a good S’mores unless it’s burnt, that’s his theory anyhow.

Ahh, the simplicity of summer junk food.

Once you’ve created the perfect toasted marshmallow, you slide it off your stick onto a graham cracker, then top it with chocolate and another graham cracker. All without getting burnt or losing part of the combo onto the ground or your lap. You then patiently wait for the marshmallow’s heat to melt the chocolate. MMM Gently you bite into the s’mores sandwich. Mmmm, the sweetness of summer junk food tingles your taste buds.  Can it get any better than this?

Maybe because as your taste buds dance, your brain screams STOP! What’s in that s’mores delight? Am I poisoning myself with pesticides, processed food, and GMOs? Should I find a better healthy snack besides S’mores?

Sorry to tarnish your campfire routine and dream.

Yes, you are eating processed food, and yes there is a good chance of pesticides in that mess. I didn’t find any ingredients online or in my grocery store that were completely organic. And I’ve looked because S’mores is one of those things that my family really really likes. No, you don’t have to use GMO marshmallows because there are some non-GMO marshmallows on the market. The kids like them and when they are thrown into the fire they burn differently than conventional marshmallows. I’d love to explain it, but you’re going to have to get some and throw them in yourself because they don’t melt and goo they kind of fizzle differently.

As far as the chocolate bars go, you can find tons and tons or organic chocolate out there that are organic. And if it’s organic it’s also non-GMO.

Don’t worry at the bottom of the show notes at simpleorganicguide.com/episode6 there will be links for you to use.

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Anyhow, If you’re okay with some processed food, and are making S’mores as non-GMO and organic as possible you’re much better off than eating convention S’mores.

If your food philosophy doesn’t align with the S’mores, change the ingredients or avoid them completely. Just don’t try to stick watermelon on a stick over the fire, I’ve tried it and I’ve never gotten it to work. If you have, please let me know.

And in case you’re wondering I’m going to tell you what might be in your summer junk food S’mores

The following ingredients found in conventional products might alarm you. Might even scare you. Remember, unless the manufacturer specifies you have no idea how the ingredients were grown, created, altered or processed.

Let’s take a closer look at that delicious S’more that isn’t organic. I found the following ingredients on non-organic products in my grocery store and online. The graham crackers may contain artificial flavors, preservatives, and corn syrup. Remember most corn is GMO. The graham cracker might have other or less ingredients, depending on the brand.

The chocolate may contain artificial flavors, colors, corn syrup and PGRP. Yes, I’ve gotta read this. Polyglycerol polyricinoleate. I can’t pronounce it either. But PGRP replaces natural healthy butterfat.  Removing the butterfat also means you’re losing the good stuff from the chocolate, like antioxidants.

And finally that airy sweet marshmallow you took delicate care to toast just right. They may include corn syrup, modified corn starch, Tetrasodium Pyrophosphate, artificial flavor, blue dye – 1 and gelatin. Yes, I found blue dye 1 in white marshmallows – think about that. And Tetrasodium Pyrophosphate is listed on the NJ Hazardous Substance Right To Know Fact Sheets. Hmm, a chemical the government is warning us about in my marshmallow.

Plus, if you’re a vegetarian beware of gelatin. Typically gelatin is made from animal by-products. The marshmallows we found specifically say not made with animal by-products. So you’ll need to read the package.

The Good News

Yes, you can have your s’mores and eat them too.  What would life be without a little “junk food”? As long as it’s “clean” junk food, meaning the ingredients aren’t chemically created, genetically altered or pesticide ridden, and they are on your approved food list.

You have 2 choices when wanting a little “junk food”. Make it yourself from scratch or purchase treats with “clean” ingredients. It’s getting easier to buy foods that fit your lifestyle, even if it is a little “junk food”.

Only buy products if they meet your criteria of “approved” ingredients.  For instance, I avoid products with dyes, chemicals, preservatives, genetically modified anything, and artificial anything. I don’t eat a lot of processed food anymore, but I do love a good chocolate bar. I stay with ingredients I can pronounce which are natural and organic. You decide what’s on your “approved” ingredient list and then go with it.

In the case of the S’mores, the solution is simple if you choose to make them.

Buy organic graham crackers. I did find several manufacturers on the market that were USDA Organic. Finding the best chocolate is easier than you think.

You won’t find the chocolate in the “typical” inexpensive candy bar aisle or the front counter area. You’re going to look where they either have organic chocolate, organic food candy or organic gourmet specialties. Here you will find many different types of organic chocolate including dark, milk, almond and even white chocolate which you can add into your S’mores or another treat.

Finding a marshmallow to meet my “approved” s’mores ingredient list was challenging.  I prefer if everything is certified organic or I know where it was made from and I know it was grown in an organic manner. I could not find an organic marshmallow. If anyone knows of – please drop me an email at choices@simpleorganicguide.com. So, we can all know.

The only marshmallow I found with “approved” ingredients was a NON-GMO Project Verified air-puffed marshmallow.  It’s not something I would personally eat because I don’t like marshmallows.  But the grandkids and kids love them, and they say it makes a perfect S’mores. They are on my approved list of things, even though they are on the low end, so I bought them.

If there’s something not available on the market as organic you have to decide if there is a close alternative or not decided not to buy the product at all. And yes, unfortunately, there are many products not made in an organic manner. But you have the power as the consumer. Your consumer dollars are very powerful, use them wisely because where you use them is where products and companies change for the way you want to eat.

This means if you do want some “clean” junk food you can have your S’mores and eat them too.

I will now let you get back to thinking about summer. And I’d like to thank you again for hanging out with me on the Simple Organic Guide Show where I try my best to give you information about living a healthy organic and natural lifestyle.

Remember it’s your life – you need to live it as you choose.

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This is Jan Davis for the Simple Organic Guide show where we talk about everything in the organic and natural living environment. It’s your life live it how you want.

And yes as always have a great week because I’m going to step out for some, well, wet fresh air because it’s raining. Have a great week.

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