Podcast 11 – 5 ways to take your eating style with you

Did you survive your July 4th picnic?

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Today is July 5th, 2018, episode 11. So how did you do with keeping within your food philosophy over the July 4th holiday? Good question, right?

Well today we’ll talk about five ways of taking your eating style with you to a gathering. Taking the information that you’ve learned from this last gathering of how you did and how you’d like to make some changes. It should be interesting, right?

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July 4th just pass. So how did you do at that picnic or barbecue for your eating lifestyle?

What things did you wish you did differently? And how do you think you’re going to handle it next time and is there anything you would like to change? Big besides eating too much food? Of course.

Remember you can eat too much food if it’s great food or if it’s not great food, it’s still too much food, but oh wow how delicious it all was. Right.

With July 4th behind us. How did you do at that picnic barbecue or gathering for your food lifestyle? What things do you wish you had done differently? Maybe better or that you handled differently or better,? or maybe everything just went superbly for you. Either way, take a few minutes to think of something you might want to change or something that went great, so you can remember it for next time.

When I think about going for a celebration of any kind, especially during holidays like July 4th is there’s a lot of people coming together with food. And my first instinct is, oh no, not food. Not my lifestyle. Right? but it doesn’t have to be that scary.

To me there are three different types of gatherings. One where I make everything at my house. Two, when I’m making food at my house and other people are bringing it to my house. And 3 someplace where I’m going for food, but I’m either not in a situation where I can bring something of my own. Maybe I don’t know them. Maybe it’s out to eat, but that third situation to me is the most awkward.

If I’m making all the food myself, I don’t have to worry about anything. It’s simple. If I’m making the majority of the food, but as a picnic people are bringing other foods to pass. It’s not so scary and I embrace what everybody else is bringing.

Those that know me and know that I like to eat in a certain manner. They will tell me, hey, this is made with and then tell me organic and nonorganic, it was corn but it wasn’t organic.

Because corn is a huge one for being a GMO, so if it’s not organic I don’t eat it. So they’ll give you, give me information on what is in their food and then I can decide. Normally it’s not awkward. I just am very mindful for me because not everybody at the picnic or gathering has the same food philosophy as I do.

The third type is when my initial thought is there is going to be nothing there for me to eat or I don’t dare eat anything. In the third situation, I try my best if it’s a picnic to say, hey, can I bring something? And if they say yes I do. If they say no, sometimes I still do, depending on who they are.

So I’ve come up with five quick ways to be able to keep your eating philosophy. No matter if you’re at a picnic or a barbecue.

1) Offered, bring a dish to pass. Then make one or two other dishes that you know will fulfill your food philosophy and bring them along as well.

If you’re a dessert person, bring a dessert. If the party you’re going to has assigned everybody a different dish, bring what they ask you to bring and then bring in another one so you have something else to eat as well.

2) If you’re going to a party number two where they’ve said don’t bring anything, sometimes they may be a little offish. As in our food’s not good enough for you?  And I get that sometimes from people and it’s not so much that they think this, they don’t understand how I want to eat. And they don’t understand or they don’t see the differences in the way food is grown and it’s just it’s not part of their philosophy.

I don’t argue with them. Yes, I try to give them information and you know, but for them eating organically and naturally is not part of who they are.

If they say no, you don’t need to bring anything, we’re good. A lot of times I will bring something anyway. I will come up with something that isn’t the norm. Like I’m not going to bring potato salad. I’m not going to be coleslaw. Lots of other people are bringing that. I may bring a dessert that isn’t a norm. Then there’s dessert there… because well I kind of like dessert.

Sometimes I’ll make something and it’ll become such a hit. The next time they asked me to bring it. So then it’s a win-win situation

3) When you get to someplace that you’re eating and you’re not sure what you can eat. Look at the fruits and the salads. Now all over the web there are two huge lists, I think they’re called the dirty dozen and the clean fifteen and some of them do go into which products are GMO more. Which ones are pesticides more.

If you have our cheat sheet they signed up for through the news, you already have a list of all the foods that are GMO that are out on the market. If you look on there, it tells you what percentage is GMO. Like something like 97 percent or 92 percent of corn is GMO depending on where you are. But that’s huge. So if you know what produce are GMO, then you know, wait, wait, wait, I only want to eat this organic, but it gives you an idea. But there’s a lot of items on there that are not GMO and are very low for pesticides. So if you have to choose something to eat, one of these choices would be good.

Number 4, eat something before you leave. I know then you’re not quite so hungry. People don’t notice because you’re just eating a little bit. Sometimes I’ll bring a little cooler that I keep in my car or shove under the picnic bench that has something like other drinks, like water that I bring in my own container. Sometimes I bring my own raw milk so it just looks like I’m bringing something. Something nobodies going to think about. I don’t bring a whole feast. Then I have some things there that I’m very comfortable eating.

Number 5, which goes along with bringing your own. A big thing to me with eating and barbecuing is the meat. I want to make sure I have grass-fed organic meat period. One, my body does not like the other stuff anymore. And two, I know it is so much better for me. So ask, hey can I just bring some of our own hamburger patties?

Do something so that it blends in, you know, don’t bring steak if everybody’s having hamburgers. Then you also get your own meat and it’s sometimes a good conversation. Explaining why you do what you do.

And a bonus 6: I know I said five, but as I was doing the podcast, I realized there’s a sixth option you can also have when going to a picnic.  Not eat, but you know what, to me, this is not an option.

So try to use number one through five where either you eat something, you bring your own, you bring a little food with you, you make another dish. And make some really good choices from what is there. Knowing what is GMO, what’s not GMO with high pesticide and what’s not.

But best of all at picnics, enjoy the company and have a really, really good time.

Now that you’ve gotten past this holiday, there’s going to be another one. Think of everything that went great and a few things that might’ve been a little awkward in your food philosophy.

Next time I think of one of the five ways I suggested today, bring in a dish to pass. Bring some of your own food. Yeah, you might have to sneak it right. Go for the fruits and salads and know what is GMO, what is not. What is high pesticide and what is not. Eat before you leave, bring some drinks with you and ask people if you can bring your own meat.

Anything that might help them may also help you.

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