Egg Label – Vegetarian Fed or vegetarian eggs

Egg Label - Vegetarian Fed or vegetarian eggsVegetarian Fed or Vegetarian Eggs – think about what this really means.

According to the USDA the Vegetarian Fed or Vegetarian Feed label marketing claim means “Producer must maintain documentation that no animal by-products were used to feed or water the source flock(s) and must provide documentation to a USDA Representative, upon request.”

I have to add more information to this label and the verbiage so you can understand what is happening to a chicken that is “deemed” vegetarian fed.

First of all, a chicken or a domesticated fowl is an omnivore. They ARE NOT meant to be a vegetarian. In nature, they eat bugs, worms, frogs, nuts, grass, fruits, veggies, and yes other dead animals that are around.

No, you don’t want your chickens eating other animals or their parts. But you do want them eating a natural diet which includes bugs, snakes, frogs etc.

Second – since a chicken’s nature is to scratch at the ground eating what is there, a chicken that is considered vegetarian fed must be on concrete, or locked inside, or locked in a cage.  If they were outside there would be bugs. Unless of course the producer sprays the ground which would be adding chemicals to the bird and the egg. I am not saying they do. What I am saying is how can you have a natural chicken that doesn’t  eat bugs?

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