Egg Label – Enriched Colony

What is an enriched colony egg label?

The enriched colony egg label is not a USDA label. And from the statement and images from the United Egg Producers Certified – the chickens are confined in cages. 

According to UEC (United Egg producers at certified “Hens in enriched colony housing live in smaller groups and have space for natural behaviors like perching, scratching and dust bathing. Curtains provide hens with privacy during nesting. Hens are housed inside climate-controlled barns in stacked rows of enclosures, with continual access to water and food. Each enclosure has wire mesh floors so manure can drop through to a belt below to keep manure away from the birds, eggs, food and water. After a hen lays an egg, it gently rolls off the slightly sloped wire mesh floor onto an egg-collection belt, which moves the egg into the processing area.” Image from UEC website

Egg labels:

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