Corn or Maize Information

corn gmo infoCorn or Maize:

(Corn information doesn’t include nutritional value)

Common Name: Corn or Maize
Scientific Name: Zea Mays
Type of plant: Stalk – grain
Family: Poaceae
Origin: Americas
Grown: Worldwide
GMO Varieties: 3
Percentage of GMO crop grown: as of 2017 over 92%
Usage: whole ground, processed, a gasoline additive, sweetener, livestock and human feed.
Visual Description: Corn comes in different color, types, and flavors. Some of the more well-known corn are as follows:  Indian Corn which is multicolored with medium size kernels, popcorn with teardrop shaped kernels, cow corn for livestock which has large kernels, and corn for cornmeal. Plus, don’t forget sweet corn which is what most people know as corn from the grocery store.

Historical Information: 

Domestic corn or Maize dates back to Central America in 4000 BC. Today corn and corn products are used worldwide in large quantities. It is said that corn is a staple food in many parts of the world with total production of corn exceeding wheat and rice.

GM (genetically modified) Corn?

Yes, around 92% of corn is GMO

A deregulated status for GM products means that the USDA permits the planting and growing of the GM plant without any restrictions. And the growers, packagers, and distributors do not have to let the consumer know the product contains GMO materials. This should be changing in July 2018. I will let you know when the regulations come out. 

There are 162 entries in the corn database from the USDA and GMO corn. Some are withdrawn and most are deregulated. Many of the GMO add round-up ready and other pesticides into the cell itself.

You can read the full informational disclosure at from the USDA here.

PDP Database – Pesticides in corn

Click here for PDP website to run your own results:

We used the PDP database for corn but didn’t find pesticides listed in the database for corn samples.

How is it that GMO corn which has round up ready in the cellular structure not come back with results of pesticides? This baffles me and makes me believe one of two things. One that GMOs with cellular level pesticides do not show up on the tests they do at the PDP. Thus giving me skewed or incomplete information about my food. Or two,  the tests are completely inaccurate.

How can something with pesticides in the DNA not show up as a positive return for them? I have no idea. You make your own decision about these results. 

When buying corn make it organic for the health of your family and your environment.

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