Chicory Crop Information

Chicory Chicory:

Common Name: Chicory
Scientific Name: Cichorium Intybus L.
Family: Asteraceae
Origin: Eurasia
Grown: Worldwide
GMO Varieties available: 3
Percentage of GMO crop grown: unknown
Usage: Coffee substitute, herb, spice, medicinal. The root and flowers can be used for different purposes.

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Historically Chicory has been used as a spice and for medicinal purposes. Reference to Chicory’s use in diet dates back to 65 BC.

Current GMO and Pesticides Crop Information: 

Currently, there are 2 GMO’s listed on the USDA website. The 3rd is not approved in the United States.

There isn’t any information in the government database about pesticide use for the Chicory crop.

Best way to be protected against GMOs and pesticides. 

You got it. Go organic!

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