5 Steps to Living a Cleaner Greener Lifestyle

5 Steps to Living a Cleaner Greener LifestyleStarting living a cleaner life today!

It’s 2018, isn’t it time to clean up your pantry and environment?  This includes a healthier you. And I don’t mean some fad to lose weight, get into shape, or some other quick fix trend. I’m talking about your lifestyle. A healthy lifestyle you choose for yourself, with your rules.

Eating the right foods makes a healthier you, but what does eating right mean?  It used to be simple, you ate fresh fruits, vegetables, protein and kept active. You didn’t worry about chemicals, how your food was raised or GMO’s. And you probably didn’t have many choices either. 

The world has changed for the better and worse over the past 30 years. Today information about your food and environment are readily available. When it comes to your food and home environment – you have many choices.

The government and industry create buzzwords to cover up and confuse you. Then other organizations, which mean well, try to clarify with other buzzwords. Some of these “clarified” buzz words include organic, green living, clean living, and eco-friendly. But what do they mean?

The natural industry points their fingers at the industrial world. Informing you about harmful things in the environment. Big Ag and the food industry say their products aren’t harmful.  But have you ever heard they are safe? So much confusion and what are you to do?

Stop –  Then Start

Stop worrying about everything in the news good and bad. Then start looking at your own pantry and environment. Start actively cleaning up your food source and the items you bring into your environment. And Stop buying things because they are a good deal or on the shelf. And get off the merry go round of finger-pointing and “he said she said” between Big Ag and the health conscious natural people.  It’s time to take a stand for yourself and what you want in your environment.

It’s the perfect time for a healthier, happier you.

And you can start right now living a healthier lifestyle by taking the following 5 steps:

Gaining products that aid in your healthy environment

Get out your paper and pencils. Yes, you need to write down what you want, either on paper or on the computer. Keep your list handy, it will change over time. And quicker than you think.

Step 1: Clean Food Source

A clean food source means food that isn’t contaminated with…
You fill in the blank. It can be anything from pesticides to preservatives. It could also include gluten or dairy. Whatever you don’t want in your pantry or refrigerator.

For me, I choose only organic food – which means it’s non-GMO. I prefer local food so I can talk tot he producers and know exactly what I am getting. If I am buying items that are not local I look for the certified organic symbol on the label. If I am buying local I ask questions to know how the food is raised. By buying local and organic many items like preservatives, chemical compounds, and GMO’s are not in your food, so reading labels can be quicker.

I also try to eat food that is not processed. Some of my family still like their boxed cereal, which means I still read labels and make sure I am not buying an organic food that doesn’t meet my standards. In my book fewer ingredients – the better.

Starting today…
why not clean out your pantry, freezer, and baking area. As food runs out, replace them with healthier smarter choices. If you want a quick clean slate, toss the food now. I know you don’t want to waste food, but it’s better to get rid of it than stay on the same unhealthy path.

If you’re new or an expert to eating clean it doesn’t matter. The more you learn about eating clean the more you will know, and the easier it is for you to make clean food choices. 

Write down everything you want to be eliminated from your food sources. It may seem like a lot, but this gives you direction. It doesn’t mean you’ll eliminate everything at once. And make sure you add new information to your list as you grow.

My original list included no dyes, no artificial preservatives, no GMO (genetically modified organisms). Soon I added no pesticides,  no artificial anything and no chemicals. Now I am at all organic, and I am looking more and more into cleaning and personal care products. 

Your list will evolve as you learn. And when you do it bit by bit it isn’t overwhelming and your new clean life is natural. 

Step Two: Green Cleaning

Green cleaning means getting rid of toxic cleaners in your environment. It’s going to be a learning curve, but you can do it.  Cleaning your household without harsh chemicals might be a foreign idea. After all, you grew up watching your parents clean with disinfectants and bleach.  Plus commercials bombard you with it smells clean ads. No,  it smells like chemicals we think are clean.

Write down anything you don’t want in your cleaning arsenal.

You might not know specifically what you want and don’t in your cleaning supplies. You can write down things like no chemicals, or no dyes, or nothing toxic to start.

My list includes no chemicals, no dyes, and nothing I can’t pronounce, and no artificial additives. We use natural products, essential oils, and good old fashion soap and water.

Step 3: Other Green Household Consumables

Make a list of other items you consume monthly. For instance, paper products, shampoo, body soap, toothpaste, etc. If you’re a paper plate kind of person, buying recycled or earth-friendly can help the environment. Or figure out how ways to use non-throw-away products which will save you lots of money. 

Look at the ingredients in other household consumables such as toothpaste and shampoo. Do you see ingredients in these items you don’t you want in your food?  If you don’t want them in your food why would you want them in your toothpaste or soap? The ingredients in soaps and dental care is still being absorbed into your body. 

Write down ingredients you don’t want in your other household items. Including ingredients, you can’t pronounce.

Step 4: Green Up Your Projects and Everyday Items

What other items do you use throughout the year? Think of projects such as redecorating, painting, and crafting. Think of things you use every day, but don’t replace often like bath towels or pillows.

When it’s time to buy new sheets, blankets and craft supplies buy ones that align with your healthier lifestyle. 

Take your list of things you want out of your life and apply it to greening up your world. Add other items you think of like to get rid of toxic candles, or polyester.

For instance are you a crafter – buy organic thread and fabric, or recycle some old ones. Buying new pillows – stay away from polyester – look for organic cotton.

Yes, the textile industry is one of the most toxic industries around but you do have choices.

Step 5: Take Action

A list is just a list if you don’t take action. Read through your list and decide which things you can and will change immediately.

Some people will do a clean sweep, get rid of everything and buy new. Others will replace one item at a time throughout the year. How fast you make changes is completely up to you. What’s important is that you start right now!

Amaze yourself, feel better, live in a non-toxic environment. It’s not only possible but rewarding to living a cleaner lifestyle.

Happy Eating! Happy Living!

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