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Transcript from Simple organic Guide Episode 5 – Eating Local – Eating out.

Hello hello and welcome to the Simple Organic Guide Show where we talk about everything and anything in the natural and organic living space.

I’m your host Jan Davis coming to you from the southern tier of Western New York.

Thanks for hanging out with me, it’s May 23rd, 2018 – this is episode 5 Eating Local as in eating in a restaurant local.

Does eating out make you – well a little bit crazy because you don’t know what’s in your food, how it was made, if it was fresh, and an array of other things that are going through your head? Well I have those issues too, but today we’re going to talk about the different types of restaurants and a good better and best approach, so you can get something to eat out without – well – going insane.

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What is your experience experienced with eating out?

When I think about eating out I think about four different types of restaurants. There’s fast food and I define fast food as… yeah those hamburger joints that have popped up all over the place. And yeh they served the food fast. It may not be fresh, but you can get in and out very very quickly and it’s just not hamburger joints there’s other places too.

Then there’s the chain restaurant. The chain restaurant as I define it is someplace that has restaurants all over the place, but everything is prepackaged. It’s a step above the fast-food. It gives you more of a marketing of sitting down, but really they’re not cooking anything from scratch. Now there is the exception, when I was traveling to Chicago a couple years ago there was a restaurant which was deemed a fast food restaurant, but they had a hundred percent grass-fed beef hamburgers. They could tell me when the beef came in, they could tell me where it was coming from. Nothing was prepackaged from the distributor center and just stuck into

microwaves or quickly put on a burner and then held. They made everything to order once you ordered it everything from your fries to your drink to your shake to your hamburger was made once you order. So there are some exceptions but in general fast food and chain

restaurants is a really good convenience but not necessarily one that is going to fit in with your food philosophy.

The other two types of restaurants I think about are local fresh as in home-cooked meals and local where they’re still using food out of a box. The ones that are still using food out of the box are making pancakes for you but it’s from a box. They’re not taking the flour and the eggs and the baking powder and mixing it. They’re opening a box and adding milk or water. Yes, that’s better than fast food in a sense but really you’re getting a lot of processed food that you don’t know where it came from.

My favorite place is what I call local fresh or home-cooked meal type of restaurants and they’re all over the place even in small towns. We’ve got ones that are marketing themselves as organic and vegan and home cooked. They’re making food every single day fresh for you. The

owners are doing the cooking. They can tell you where they bought the food when they bought the food. A lot of times you can find a restaurant that aligns with your food philosophy.

You may not think fast-food restaurants or chain restaurants are not good for you. Or you may not think about it at all. I was in that same mindset, I was eating at fast food restaurants. I was eating at chain restaurants all the time for that quick meal that I thought, or I deemed or

I didn’t think about was healthy for me. Yes, it tastes good! I’m not sure what’s in it, but it tastes good most of the time. But once I started eating organic food, fresher food and less processed food I didn’t like the taste of the food anymore. And my body didn’t really like how it reacted to it, but if you’re out and you need to get something to eat you need to get something to eat.

Now I have been known to stop at a grocery store and pick up some fresh items throw it together so that I have something to eat. This is not always available or maybe you want to go out to eat with your family for a special day.

That’s where I created for myself – a good – better and best approach to eating out. Before you

can use a good better or best approach for eating out you have to know your criteria or food philosophy of what is acceptable and what is not acceptable. If it is not acceptable for you to eat food that is not organic, then just don’t go there. If it’s not acceptable for you to eat processed food then don’t go there. You choose what you want to eat by how you feel you should be eating. Don’t let anybody else tell you what’s right or wrong for you.

The good, better, and best process is really really simple.  After you’ve decided what is acceptable and what isn’t acceptable for eating out for you create a hierarchy of what you’ll eat and won’t. There’s one more level which is… just don’t go there as in I will not just go to a fast-food restaurant. I will go to a grocery store and pick up food before I will go to a fast-food restaurant. And that’s the bottom of the barrel not going there not doing it. Then when you’re looking at places that you will go to you look at good things that are acceptable for you to eat. Like for me, it may not be organic, but it’s going to be fresh. They may not be making it fresh every day. They may not be making things from scratch but I can ask the people how are you cooking this and I can decide what I will and will not order from wherever I am. There are

things on the menu that fit my acceptability and there’s things on the menu that don’t. But I know by asking what’s in the food or how it’s cooked so I can make a decision.

The next tier up is better.

Better meaning it’s a better choice for me on my food hierarchy philosophy of what I’m going to eat when I’m out. For me these places tell me in marketing or asking questions and getting answers that my food is fresh there’s no additives it’s being made every single day where they’re getting their produce from etc. There’s always going to be something on the menu I’m not Going to want to eat and you probably aren’t going to want to eat for one reason or another. But there’s something there that you can eat , it’s a friendly place to go, it’s a good atmosphere you can sit down.

Then we get to the best scenario.

Now this restaurant for me has organic food. Everything is organic. It’s all fresh when I go in. I know when something’s been made. I know where it’s been purchased .I know when it was purchased. And this may sound like there’s not places like that but there are. Even in my small area there’s an organic restaurant in the next town over. When I go in I can ask them when was

this made or where was this purchased and they’ll tell me what market. Everything they sell is organic. I also know it has the freshest food that I can buy, made without me doing it.

Remember whenever you make something it does fit into the criteria of processed but there’s a

really big difference between having a soup that has been created together with all the whole foods. Or even whole wheat pancakes made from grinding the wheat versus opening a box of pancakes or opening a can of soup.

So the best scenario of places to eat for me I will go eat at even if I don’t need to. It’s someplace I’m going to go with my family. Someplace I might go for lunch if I need a break. It’s like I’m cooking for myself but I don’t have the dishes I don’t have the cleanup and I don’t have to go shopping.  In my book, this is the best scenario for eating out. Your scenario might and most likely will be different than mine depending on your food philosophy and what is acceptable for eating out and what isn’t.

If you’re eating at a place that is a small restaurant we call them, mom-and-pop shops around here. And you want to know how fresh the food is but there isn’t marketing material around, they’re not toting organic or homemade and you need to ask questions you might feel a little funny.

So here are a couple of ways you can get good information from the workers without prying that you think the way they cook is incorrect. The key is to ask something so whoever is

serving you start talking about the restaurant. One good way is ask about the soup of the day. Ask how often they change their soup of the day. You will get your waiter person talking like.. oh it was made yesterday, he makes it every night or she takes all the ingredients and gets up at

four o’clock in the morning and makes the soup. You will get information. Another way is you can ask the question when do you make your baked goods? You’ll get answers like well we make this, this and this but we buy this and this and this from this bakery down the road. That

bakery down the road might make them fresh too so that’s okay. But you’re getting answers and you’re getting them to talk about their place. And you’re getting information by asking questions to know the type of restaurant you’re eating at and the type of food you’re

getting will let you enjoy your meal much more than if you’re guessing.  Can I eat this or I can’t eat this? Or oh my gosh what I’m what am I eating. So ask questions to get your waitperson to

talk. And then use your good better and best approach. Good – well you’d eat it you’re hungry you have to. Better it’s aligning with your food philosophy and best it’s just like you’re cooking at home but you don’t have the mess.

So your assignment for the week.  First sit down with yourself and decide what is acceptable

and what is not when you’re eating out at a restaurant. Next find a restaurant and enjoy yourself. One that fits into your food philosophy where you can sit down and have a great meal. And then after your meal come back and comment below. Let us know how it went and how you felt and whatever else you want to tell us about the place.

Again thanks for hanging out with me and remember living in an organic and natural manner doesn’t have to cause you insanity. And remember you are not alone in wanting to find information about living in an organic and natural life. It’s your life live it as you choose.

Have a most wonderful day!

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This is Jan Davis, the sun is shining here in Western

New York and I’m going to go out and enjoy it.

Have a great meal!

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